VIDEO: 7 Life-Saving Stretches for the Deskbound

If you’re anything like me, you go through waves of work where you’re in a groove, and then you can’t focus no matter how hard you try. For those that I’m “on,” I find myself waking up early with a solution to a sticky problem on my mind, sitting myself at my desk with a quick cup of coffee, and hammering away on the keyboard. Now, I’ve done a good job of finding some back-saving ergonomic additions to my environment, but sometimes I look up at the clock and realize I haven’t moved for 7 and a half hours. When I do finally stand up, I pay for it.

Having been through plenty of physical therapy in my life from musical theater (don’t laugh) and martial arts injuries, I have found that the most effective thing for me is to find the right stretches and force myself to do them, even if I don’t get out of my chair. So I was THRILLED to find this video on the internet. I’ve tried these stretches, and they’re amazing. I hope they work for you as well as they have worked for me. Leave a comment below if you have something that’s worked for you.

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VIDEO: 7 Life-Saving Stretches for the Deskbound
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